Special Projects & Funds

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Prayers of Remembrance and Hope: Suicide Prevention Awareness

On Sunday, September 8, 2019, we unveiled the ribbons and encouraged people to add a tag of their own to honor someone who they had lost, someone who had survived or is struggling, or to offer a prayer for the hundreds of thousands who lose their lives each year due to this epidemic. If you were not able to be at Marble that day, pens/tags are available from our receptionist at 1 West 29th Street. Learn more.

Easter Offering

Our Easter Offering is a powerful tool for change, find out more about Marble’s South Africa connection and how our grants have helped to be a positive force for change in the world. 100% of your gifts will be granted to nonprofits that are making a positive difference in the lives of so many who are in need. Thank you for your support. Learn more.

Sister Carol Perry Fund for Biblical Education

Where do we find the words to express our love and gratitude for one so important as Sister Carol Perry? During her 37 year ministry at Marble, Sister Carol taught us what God’s Word actually says, and in her life she has shown us what God’s Love actually looks like. Her fingerprints will forever be indelibly imprinted on our spirits and on the soul of Marble Church. Learn more.

Habitat for Humanity

Over the span of four years, we will be contributing to the build of four different houses. With each build, we will be establishing an ongoing relationship with the family who will live in each residence, with our first family selected in the Fall of 2017. Learn more.

P.S. 30M Volunteer Program

Our program will focus on math and reading comprehension in a one-on-one tutorial enrichment program with a cultural arts component, and building relationships with tutor and student. If you would like to volunteer, please read below for the schedule, requirements and sign-up information. Learn more.

Giving Dignity to Others Drive

Donate new undergarments are needed for homeless men and women. Learn more.